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Hearing is The Key to Healing

Written by Amy Walls | Photography by Rhonda Young-Pilon ::

Amy Walls, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Helps You Hear Your Way to Good Health.

If you can connect with your body’s voice, then you are accessing a wisdom so powerful and so deep within you; that unlocking this opens an infinite amount of support and information to heal and create your potential.

Even before you came to be, there was a language that needed to be there in order to create your cellular structure. This unspoken language innately knew which cell was going to be your eyes, organs, circulatory system, energy systems and so on. To think that this language disappeared the moment you came into this world as an infant is absurd. 

We have been fooled into thinking that the only way our body sends us any messages is through pain, and that pain is bad and we shouldn’t have it. So we resist pain and suffering only to create more pain and suffering! That’s insanity! The more we resist pain, the more we will have because our pain is merely a catalyst for something deeper. It’s like a string attached to a yo-yo that we keep pushing away, and when it comes back up towards our hand, so close to our hearts, where it is about to reveal a deeper understanding, we push it back down again. If we could just hold it for a second and feel it totally, and completely surrender to the pain, we could start to open up that portal that already exists within us that will lead us to our voice. The voice that has all the support and information we will ever need to find a solution for our pain…CONSCIOUSNESS. 

However because we have drifted from this voice, we are then overpowered by the mind voice. ”I don’t like pain, I wish I didn’t have pain, acceptance is too hard,” the mind voice says. So being in pain is our drama. This is our story and we keep creating and writing from a suffering point of view. We are in fact addicted to our story and addicted to our pain. And so goes on this dance.  

Whether you experience physical pain, emotional pain, pain from your past, or pain from worrying about the future; if you want to be pain free, you must first dance with your pain and feel it fully. You must dance with the dance you are creating now, until you become so conscious of it that your perception of what you are experiencing shifts. If you observe that which you are experiencing with a quiet mind, attachment disappears. The attachment causes the pain. Pain is just an illusion.

You don’t have to do anything or go anywhere to become conscious. The good news is it already exists within you; it is you. However; there is also an unconscious or subconscious that is made up of all your filters, clustered with your senses and beliefs. This is how you perceive your reality most of the time. Your subconscious is not separate to consciousness it’s just hidden in the dark (just like the majority of an iceberg is submerged in water) waiting to be brought out into the light (consciousness). It just wants to be listened to and watched by an observer so it too can come into consciousness. 

BodyTalk navigates the language that already exists within you through all your bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and because this language is wisdom beyond your imagination, it has the power to know the exact order and sequence communication needs to be restored. With this gentle restoration process so begins the unravelling of the infinite amount of support and information to bring about healing and potential.

With BodyTalk we are able to tap into the higher levels of consciousness so that new, everlasting changes can transpire. Completely respecting the body’s innate wisdom and the body’s internal language by asking what is the priority now.

As Albert Einstein quoted, “You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.”

BodyTalk always focuses on the present (priority-based) so that spontaneous healing can occur. By doing this, BodyTalk is naturally inclined to be a part of the unraveling process to reveal the root of the pain. Not to diagnose or to treat. It is a completely safe holistic system with no adverse side effects that uses light touch and tapping; working with every individual as an individual. After all you are authentic, so why be treated like everyone else! 

BodyTalk is used world-wide because of its practicality, its results and its easy access. Body Talk is Conscious Healing, which means BodyTalk can be received globally even if your practitioner is on the other side of the world! 



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