Sandy Monroe Brings You ‘Dai Cor’ May16


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Sandy Monroe Brings You ‘Dai Cor’

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Houston Has a New Industry – Gift Baskets, Thanks to Sandy Monroe!

Welcome to Dai Cor Baskets and More.We specialize in creating beautiful gift baskets that are both unique and appropriate. We create gifts for many occasions including New Baby Gift Baskets, Birthday Gift Baskets, Thinking of You Gift Baskets, Wedding Gift Baskets, Spa Gift Baskets, Sport Gift Baskets and much more. My name is Sandy Monroe and after researching the gift basket industry, I realized that this was something that would be enjoyable, so I took the ‘leap of faith’ and started Dai Cor Baskets and More in October 2001, in Houston Texas.

We are constantly thinking of new idea for different gift baskets. Currently we have quite a few standard baskets options, but we are always willing to make custom gift baskets. We love to make customized gift baskets because it shows off the style and art of designing custom gift baskets. We have a dream to eventually have a huge variety of lovely standard gift options. We are building our company differently than most. We prefer to put your needs before ours. Our baskets are not only beautiful but they are economical.  Baskets can be designed to meet any budget from the simple to high end.

When considering stay-at-home jobs that would not cut into my family time, this opportunity seemed to be the perfect fit. To me, family is one of the greatest gifts of all.  I have two wonderful children who really love to see me work and create. Maybe one day they will run the company! Nothing makes us happier than creating just the right gift and watching the recipient’s eyes light up when it’s delivered. We enjoy making gifts for all different occasions and we actually prefer to customize baskets. 

I knew that I wanted to do something creative all my life.  Growing up, I was in countless art classes and loved drawing, fashion and creating things.  I love doing crafts and art projects with my children. Designing has always been one of the things I love. It is something that I have been able to incorporate into every basket that we design.  I love using unusual ideas and thinking ‘outside the basket!’ 

Please visit our website at .
Follow us twitter @daicor and Facebook @ Dai Cor Baskets.
We can be reached at 713-259-5393 or