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Women on the Wall

Women Who are Standing United to Preserve our Nation & Texas for Future Generations of American Citizens…

WOMEN ON THE WALL US TEXAS (“WOWUSTX”) is a 501(c)(4) Texas Non-Profit Corporation founded in 2008. Women on the Wall is  lead by the following women who are all conservative leaders in Texas.  We  are each very actively engaged with variety of issues important to Texas and our nation.    As mothers and women,  our efforts center on building a safe and prosperous Texas for future generations of its children to thrive and prosper in.   We hope you will join with us in this goal and support our efforts!

Current WOWUSTX Board of Directors:

Lou Ann Anderson

Rebecca Forest

  • Co-Founder & President, Women on the Wall
  • Co-Founder & Executive Director, Texas Alliance for America Legal Defense & Education Fund (www.taaldef.org)
  • Co-Founder & Past President, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (www.ircot.com)
  • Co-Founder, Central Texans for Secure Borders
  • Co-Founder & Past Co-Chair, Austin Townhall Conservatives
  • Former Texas Ambassador, Operation Interdependence (www.oidelivers.org/)
  • Former Nursing Home Advocate

Alice Linahan

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner with Resolute Media Group
  • A Leader with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
  • Social Media Coordinator for www.ElectionDayTeaParty.com
  • Founding Member of the “Victory in November starts on the Front Porch“
  • Social Media Integration Specialist
  • Managing Principle with Voices Empower CLEAR. CONCISE. COMMUNICATION.

We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents & Constitutionalists….

Standing United to Preserve our Nation & Texas for Future Generations of American Citizens….

Our Primary Areas of Focus:

  • America’s Children & Their Futures
  • Abandonment of  our Founding Principles
  • Rapidly Decaying Culture & Society
  • The Sanctity of Life
  • Loss of U.S. Sovereignty
  • Out-of-Control Immigration Policies

Did you know that EXTREMELY graphic “torture/porn” movies are available to your children in “unrated” versions in video & retail stores?

Did you know there are websites accessible to young children which show scenes of their favorite cartoon characters being violently raped and engaged in homosexual orgy scenes?

Think this doesn’t affect your family … think again!!

While  you may monitor the internet usage and movie selection of your children … what about the millions who are not monitored?

Your children will very likely come into contact with a child who has been exposed and traumatized by these graphic images one day and then what?


ADDRESS: 9311 FM 620 N., Suite 1 | Austin, Texas  78726
WEBSITE: www.womenonthewall.org