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The Fitting Room of Life

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Sonia Genevieve-Sherri Says… “In Reality, You’re Not That Person in The Mirror.”

Some of us simply don’t bother or worse drag ourselves into them, sampling items on offer with a studied ‘no expectation’ and pessimistically predicting that nothing will fit or look good. What the stores of ‘esteem crushers’ don’t tell us is that it is usually all about the lighting and the mirrors. The truth is we don’t look like that and the fluorescent spotlights are too harsh, the rooms too narrow, the mirrors set to widescreen and the combination is a guaranteed 10 lbs. increaser!

The changing room: the place where reality and expectation meet! Because in reality you’re not that person in the mirror…we find ourselves in a moment of enhancement or distortion. How different is our life experiences from this scenario?  You’re in the changing room because you are being “fitted” for the next season in your life. Lighting and mirrors are the way our culture wants us to view ourselves. Everything in society is designed for us to be exactly the same but we were all created differently, how ironic!

What we often completely forget is that our experiences are original and we are being sculptured for purpose and design. It just takes a little longer than what we expect! Being fitted is not the most exciting process. It’s sometimes daunting, difficult, uncomfortable, irritating, exasperating, and exhausting!  It brings out your most hidden insecurities. It can often illuminate our unspoken fears as we journey through ‘change in waiting’. Which if we were honest can create the wonder that life may have completely forgotten about us. Well I’m here to tell you that you have not been forgotten and destiny is perfectly on time. 

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I’m squirming around, looking at possible alternatives, second-guessing what might be a quicker way to get through to the other side and then wondering why these purification experiences take so long!  I hate being under those spotlights that show up only the worst parts about who I am ,but in all honesty until they are visible I won’t do anything about them. If we look at the definition of the word “fit” it says- be suited to; be properly adjusted to; arrange, adjust, well-suited, worthy, qualified, proper, becoming, ready!

And if we look at the traditional concept of being fitted by a tailor it requires of us, for precision and accuracy and above all to remain still. What will be expected is that we limit all natural movement while the craftsman finishes the alterations or adjustments. We place our trust that He knows what “fits” us and how the finished product will look best on our unique blueprint. During this process the garment may feel too tight and confining in some areas and too lengthy or too short in other ways.

The Golden Rule regarding internal change and the fitting of new thinking says that the most effective way to shift behavior is to diagnose and retain the old cue and action, by identify the tell-tale signs of consciousness and altering the final pattern. The psychologist knew that if a patient wishes to change a habit or toxic trait their first job is to help them see their personal flares and then giving them alternative healthier ways by inserting a new response into their life.

The truth is generally people’s habits have occurred for so long they don’t pay attention to what causes the conflict, until life takes them into the changing room and more often than not, human beings only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the willingness to change. You may be saying this seems ridiculously simple, but once we are aware of how our bad behavior works, we’re halfway there in making a major alteration. The truth is, the brain can be reprogrammed. You just have to firstly see the behavior in the light of reality, arrive at a decision that you don’t want it in your life and then be deliberate about making active choices to change the process. 

‘Fitting’ involves learning, and all learning generates change in the conscious mind. When we seek to replace a behavior such as a toxic thinking pattern, our actions produce a neurochemical molecule which changes the routine and reaction. It may take adjustment and even sacrifice on our part because it is new and unfamiliar. It may even feel uncomfortable but that is the brain aligning with a renewing of thought. That’s the moment of surrender when we know we can either humbly adjust to a healthier way of acting or stay in the same uncomfortable clothes! What governs our choices and actions is best assessed under the Light of Truth.

As much as it can be extremely confronting change challenges us to rise to new levels of greatness. I personally find developing a grander level of creative curiosity, courage, and honesty, while keeping my heart thankful in the midst of what is unfolding; can only lead to an incredible fitting of Freedom.

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